Get back to doing what you love.

We can help you better manage your pain and musculoskeletal conditions (such as knee arthritis).

Has she or hasn't she?

We can create natural looking beauty and aesthetic enhancements so no one will ever know!

7 years’ PRP experience & proven results.

85% of our MSK patients see a positive response from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections within six weeks.

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Our Services

We’ve brought together leading professionals under one roof to offer you specialised, collaborative and quality medical care.

Get back to being active and doing what you love with a range of innovative (but scientifically proven) non-surgical treatments to help you improve injuries, increase mobility and reduce pain from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

Turn back time by enhancing your natural beauty and creating a more youthful (but still natural) look. We offer a range of non-surgical advanced cosmetic treatments that help to brighten, tighten, smooth, lift & plump your skin.


Live hassle free by removing unwanted hair anywhere on your face or body (with minimal pain), or reverse hair loss in the areas where you want it back.

Welcome to the team

We’re committed to providing you with doctors that are passionate, caring, highly experienced and ready to support you to achieve yours goals.

Dr Dion Lewis - Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician

We are very pleased to welcome renowned Sports and Exercise Physician Dr Dion Lewis to our team. Dr Lewis is passionate about sports, exercise, keeping you active and helping you achieve your performance goals. So whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, sports enthusiast, or someone that wants to be active, Dr Lewis can help you treat existing problems, optimise your rehabilitation and boost your performance.

“We care about your needs & are committed to
helping you get the best results.” 

Innovative Medicine QLD (IMQ) is not just a medical or cosmetic clinic; we are a fusion of the best of both with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We use advanced and scientifically proven medical products and treatments to improve client results.

Our founder, Dr Ken Cameron, is a caring doctor with decades of experience specialising in Musculoskeletal medicine (MSK), osteoarthritis and pain management.
He founded IMQ to bring together leading professionals and innovative medical treatments under one roof.
Photo of Dr Ken Cameron.